What Can Undergraduate Research Assistants Do?

Undergraduates have performed an array tasks and assisted faculty in myriad ways.

Faculty in the natural and life sciences are well practiced in utilizing undergraduate research assistants in their labs.

The assistance which undergraduates provide to faculty spans the disciplines, however.

Some examples:

Collecting and analyzing data:

  • Business – creating a database, which gathers data from the US Department of Labor
  • Global Health – gathering data and analyzing the nutritional profile of a rural Haitian community

Literature review:

  • Italian Language and Literature – surveying and processing primary source material from Counter-Reformation Europe
  • Institute for Global and International Studies – expanding a bibliography on Women, Peace, Security and Development

Coding speeches and media content:

  • Political Communication – framing media content regarding debates of the 2010 Affordable Care Act
  • Political Science – coding Chinese comments on draft legislation and regulations

Creating and maintaining online resources:

  • English – supporting the Global Shakespeare Video and Performance Archive
  • Sports Management – creating a website and electronic newsletter

Assisting with manuscript preparation:

  • International Affairs – reviewing articles and book indices on the use of Hobbes by international-relations theorists
  • Media and Public Affairs – maintaining an annotated bibliography and spreadsheets charting content analysis

Academic journal preparation and editing:

  • University Writing – managing submissions to the Journal of Fandom
  • International Education – editorial assistance and communicating with contributors on a special journal issue on comparative large-scale assessment