Teach English in Spain

December 13, 2016



Are you interested in teaching abroad after you graduate? Travel to Spain! Apply to the Ministry of Education’s North American Language and Culture Assistants Program and spend at least one academic year teaching English in Spain.


English Teaching Assistants are US and Canadian citizens who are placed in bilingual primary and secondary schools and help the main classroom teacher for 12 to 16 class periods each week. Responsibilities of an ETA include homework help, one-on-one and small group work, test preparation, lesson implementation, and language and culture activities. While assistants are required to speak only in English with their students to enforce language learning, it is recommended that they have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish to help them acclimate to a country whose people have among the weakest levels of English in Europe.

ETAs receive a monthly non-taxable stipend as well as health and dental coverage. Stipends range from 700-1000 euros per month depending on location. For example, an assistant would receive 1000 euros a month in Madrid since it is a major city with a higher cost of living, and 700 euros a month in a smaller town. Regardless of your placement, your stipend allows you to live comfortably and enjoy all that Spain has to offer, thanks to the country’s low cost of living compared to the US.


There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain, such as Madrid, Galicia, Andalusia, and Extremadura. Applicants can list their top three placement choices on the application, and those that apply early have a better chance of receiving their top choice.


This is a wonderful opportunity to gain international work experience, improve your Spanish language skills, and immerse yourself into a diverse and vibrant country.


The application for the 2017-2018 school year will be open from January 9th to April 18th.


Want to learn more about the ins and outs of teaching in Spain? Check out the program website's FAQs or reach out to Marisa Mansueto, former English Teaching Assistant and current Graduate Assistant at CUFR, at [email protected].