Social Media: The Professional World

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Colleen Tan Business Honors Student
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Colleen Tan Research Poster Preview
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Business and Honors Program
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Dr. Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes, Professor of Global Marketing
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Colleen Tan is a rising junior Honors student studying Business at the George Washington University. She is interested in web technology and information systems. Her hobbies include contemporary art and sightseeing.
Project Abstract: 

Colleen's project analyzes the growth and influence of social media in the professional world. Social media is web-based and mobile technologies used for communication and interaction. Its presence has grown in modern society to encompass not only entertainment, but also professionalism as well. Professional social media networks such as LinkedIn and Brazen Careerist have become powerful tools for network and career. In conjunction with major professional social media networks, other social media sites such as Facebook also provide work opportunities and professional endeavors to professionals. With close analyses, we can better utilize social media as a professional tool.