Research Day 2015 Showcases Undergrad Research!

Research Day 2015
April 02, 2015

GW's annual Research Day 1, held recently on March 31st, was another huge success with nearly 200 students presenting their research.

Impressively, two thirds of the presenters were undergraduate students. The event filled both ballrooms of the Marvin Center and drew huge crowds from around the GW community. Teams of faculty judges evaluated each student's research and awarded cash prizes in different categories. 

You can read much more about Research Days in GW Today and stay tuned for an upcoming video of the event.

Below are this year's Research Day award winners:

Undergraduate Presenters

Creative Arts and Literature:
1st: Katherine Bradshaw
2nd: Floyd Jones
International Affairs Group A:
1st: Jennifer Hamilton
2nd: Samuel Klein
International Affairs Group B:
1st: Rachel Landau
2nd: Jacquelyn Nicole Alanko
1st: Matthew Zahn
2nd: Thom Josephson
1st: Maxwell Deem
2nd: Billie Katz
Socio-Cultural Studies:
1st: Ashley Trick
2nd: David Jacob Benowitz
Anastasia Merinova
Ariele Scharff
Society, Media, and Education:
1st: Amanda Lam
2nd: Rachel Crawford
1st: Rebecca Prather
2nd: Meagan Simons
Molecular and Cellular Biology Group A:
1st: Rabia Idrees
2nd: Alexander Marchak
Molecular and Cellular Biology Group B:
1st: Michael Velez
2nd: Kunj Bhatt
Physical Science and Chemistry Group A:
1st: Adeel Khan
2nd: Laura Lai
Physical Science and Chemistry Group B:
1st: Katherine Stasaski
2nd: Brian Alden

Graduate Presenters

Engineering Group A:
1st: Ian Carr
2nd: Abhilash Reddy Malipeddi
Engineering Group B:
1st: Amir Aslani
2nd: Tao Ye
Socio-Cultural Studies:
1st: Asli Togan-Egrican
2nd: Alexandra Mosher
Public Affairs and International Relations:
1st: Laura Shuey-Kostelac
2nd: Varun Piplani
Physical Sciences:
1st: Erin Adkins
2nd: Rosemary Onjiko
Ecology and Molecular Biology:
1st: Cheng Man Lun
2nd: Camille Lombard