Undergraduate research experiences offer students the chance to learn first-hand, in collaboration with professors, how new knowledge is generated. The Center actively provides information and advice to students who want to learn about GW and get involved in undergraduate research, by helping identify resources, narrow your search, and shape your initial inquiries so you can find appropriate faculty mentors and research funding.

There are opportunities in every field of study, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural sciences, business, public health, international affairs and engineering. Undergraduate research experiences deepen your appreciation for the challenges and rewards of learning about the world. These experiences are also great preparation for students interested for graduates studies, national fellowships, and the most competitive employment opportunities.

Among other things, this section provides:

  • An overview of ways to get involved in research
  • Tips for student researchers and mentors on how to get the most of the experience
  • Examples of undergraduate research projects
  • Ways GW faculty members may post research opportunities for undergraduates
  • Information on GW's undergraduate research awards, which funds faculty-mentored undergraduate research projects as well as links to programs that provide research opportunities for undergraduates at federal agencies, national laboratories, and other universities
  • News and upcoming events concerning undergraduate research

Our efforts to expand opportunities for GW undergraduate students to become involved in research are linked to the University's goals, outlined in the Strategic Plan for Academic Excellence, of enhancing "challenge, discovery, and quality in undergraduate education" and increasing "the scope and excellence of the GW research enterprise."

We believe that nothing can get students excited and get students thinking like working with faculty mentors to answer real questions and solve real problems in their fields.

Don't Wait!

Be sure to complete the Human Subject Research Determination Worksheet when you start applying for funding.