Publish & Present Your Work

An important part of the research process is making the products of research and scholarship public. Think from the start about presenting your work at a conference or writing it up for publication; talk with your collaborators about it.

  • Unless you are doing your project entirely on your own, be sure to consult with your faculty mentor and anyone else involved in your project before submitting a paper to a conference or to a journal for publication or before posting a paper on a web site. Sometimes making a work public one way (e.g., by posting it at a web site or publishing it in a student research journal) may rule out later publication of the same work elsewhere. Moreover, all co-authors should always be comfortable with any paper submitted for publication or presentation.
  • Talk with your research mentor about professional conferences that might accept a paper co-authored by you and your mentor. Some of GW's Gamow Undergraduate Research Fellows have already been successful in getting papers accepted for presentation at professional meetings in their field, so you can do it too.
  • Similarly, talk with your research mentor about professional journals that might accept a paper based on your work. Not all projects lead to publishable work, of course, but it's useful to think about possibilities for disseminating your work as you plan it and conduct it.

Post Your Research on the CUFR Website:

If you are a GW undergraduate student and would like to post your undergraduate research project online, please contact us at [email protected]. Explore what other students have been researching; visit our listing of Undergraduate Research Projects!

Present Your Research at an Undergraduate Research Conference:

  • Be sure to present your research at GW's Research Day!
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is a premier showcase of undergraduate research. To learn more, visit NCUR.
  • Georgetown University hosts a Health and Sciences Research Conference in April and invites area undergraduates to submit their projects.
  • Also, academic conferences increasingly feature research undertaken by undergraduates. Consult your faculty mentor to find out which conferences in your field accept undergraduate submissions.

Submit Your Research to a Journal:

  • GW Undergraduate Review: GW's undergraduate research journal, accepting submission from all disciplines.
  • The GLOBE: GW's undergraduate research journal on international affairs.
  • GW Historical Review: GW's undergraduate research journal on topics in American and world history.

There is also a growing list of journals that accept submissions from undergraduates across the country. They include:

Share Your Research on We Share Science

​We Share Science is a social media platform for sharing research through short video abstracts that can then be searched and shared. We Share Science also awards cash prizes of up $5000 in their annual 5 Minute Science Fair competition. Follow their tips for quickly and easily creating a video abstract.

Research Presentation Resources