Getting a Leg Up Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Will Art Survive in a Capitalist Economy?

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Kristi Headshot
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The Artists
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Dance & Political Science
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Maida Withers, Professor of Dance
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Kristi is an aspiring dancer and choreographer. In her choreography, she seeks to combine her passion for dance and political science. She would like to be remembered for her contributions to the Department of Theatre & Dance, The Department of Political Science and The Alternative Breaks Program.
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Through analysis of the methodologies used by independent dance artists, this research offers a deeper understanding of the methods undertaken by independent artists to achieve greater stability within a capitalist economy. To obtain data, fifteen independent artists, working in New York City were interviewed. Research demonstrated that, in comparison to the rest of the economy, independent artists were less negatively affected by economic recession. Findings also suggested generational differences. The commitment of these artists to the continuation of art, regardless of the economic situation, demonstrates the true entrepreneurial spirit possessed by American dance artists. To be an artist in a capitalist economy is to be an innovator.