Analysis of the growth and development of the Daasanach from Ileret, Kenya

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Kristen Ramirez with Dr. Jack W.K. Harris
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Measurements taken at the Ileret Primary School of Daasanach subjects
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Biological Anthropology
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data collected with assistance from students of the Koobi Fora Field School 2012
Brian Richmond, Assoc Prof and Chair, Dept of Anthropology
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Koobi Fora Field School 2012 faculty and staff, Dr. Jack Harris, Dr. Purity Kiura, Dr. David Braun, Rahim Abdul Muhammad, John Mwangi
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I have a tattoo of a giraffe named Lawrence whom I befriended my first summer in Kenya
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Across traditional societies a relationship between growth rate and external conditions has been used to explain observed variability in human growth and body size. Though, some populations, such as east African pastoralists, are known to deviate from expectations. Cross-sectional data on height and weight were taken from a sample of Daasanach individuals (n=223, ages 2-55) from Ileret, Kenya to observe the growth timings of pastoralists to understand the effects of certain external conditions. The results show that Daasanach adult height is consistent with predictions but their growth trajectory is unusual. Daasanach grow more slowly during childhood and experience an earlier adolescent growth spurt over a shorter time than expected.