2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Fellows Announced

CUFR Fellowships
April 26, 2016

CUFR is proud to announce the 2016-2017 winners!

Below are the GW Undergraduate Research Award and the Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship award recipients for 2016-2017.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Provost, the GW Undergraduate Research Award gives promising undergraduates the opportunity to engage in well-defined research projects under the guidance of a faculty member in their chosen field of study.

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowships are part of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences' comprehensive undergraduate initiative to promote discovery- and inquiry-based education throughout the undergraduate experience at GW.

Both research fellowship programs are exciting ways for students to receive financial support for research projects that enrich their undergraduate experience. Students who are interested in applying for the Undergraduate Research Award and Luther Rice Fellowship in the fall of 2016 for the following academic year should contact the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research at [email protected].

Undergraduate Research Award:

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship

GW Undergraduate Research Awardees

Joseph Albanese, Art History, History, Spanish

  • Faculty Mentor: Suzanne Miller, History
  • Project: The Field of the Cloth of Gold and Henry VIII's Perception of History

Reem Al Shabeeb, Biology, Chemistry

  • Faculty Mentor: Mollie K. Manier, Biology
  • Project: Examining the Roles of crossveinless c, tenectin and ecdysone-induced protein 74EF in Spermatogenesis

Scott Barnes, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Concentration

  • Faculty Mentor: Adam Wickenheiser, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Project: Scalable Collaborative Robotics Optimization

Emma Catalfamo, International Affairs, Economics

  • Faculty Mentor: Herman Stekler, Economics
  • Project: French Views of the US Economy, 2008-2009

Hannah Hassani, International Affairs, Economics

  • Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Chacko, Geography
  • Project: Female Labor Migration and Remittances: The Economic Contributions and Social Costs of the Filipina Diaspora

Lenin Hernandez, Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Faculty Mentors: William Youmans, SMPA
  • Project: Competitive Challenges and Opportunities Within the Digital Spaces of News Media in Latin America

Alina Kline-Schoder, Biomedical Engineering

  • Faculty Mentor: Vesna Zderic, Biomedical Engineering
  • Project: Ultrasound-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Improved Treatment of Onychomycosis

Rahi Patel, Mechanical Engineering

  • Faculty Mentor: Megan Leftwich, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Project: A Robotic Platform to Investigate the Fluid Dynamics of Sea Lion Swimming

Dyutiman Saunick, International Affairs

  • Faculty Mentor: Adam Ziegfeld, Political Science
  • Project: Explaining BJP Candidate Recruitment in the 2014 Indian National and Maharashtra State Elections

Simon Wentworth, Biology

  • Faculty Mentor: Daoud Meerzaman, Biology
  • Project: Increased susceptibility to kill by oncolytic viruses: Does the down-regulation of the PTEN tumor suppressor gene influence the innate immune response to viruses and cause the increased susceptibility of tumor cells to viral infection and virus medicated cell lysis?

Isabel Wolfer, History, Judaic Studies

  • Faculty Mentor: Jeffery Richter & Daniel Schwartz, History & Judaic Studies
  • Project: Disregarding Disregard - The Undervaluation of Holocaust Bystander Testimonies

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellows

Acacia Ackles, Biology, Mathematics

  • Faculty Mentor: Patricia Hermandez, Biology
  • Project: The development of ceretobranchial 5 in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Nathaniel Bachtel, Chemistry, Biology

  • Faculty Mentors: Ioannis Eleftherianos & Douglas Nixon, Biology and Microbiology, Immunology & Tropical Medicine
  • Project: These Flies Make MY Brain Hurt: A Genetic Approach Towards Characterizing Neuro-Immune Interactions

Henry Betts, Biology

  • Faculty Mentor: Amy Zanne, Biology
  • Project: The Impacts of Fungal Interaction on the Decomposition of Two Woods Substrates

Kathryn Cavanna, Biology

  • Faculty Mentors: Aleksandar Jeremic, Biology
  • Project: The Role of Proteasome in Human Amylin Degradation in Pancreatic B-Cells

Sharif Chebbo, Biology

  • Faculty Mentor: Mollie K. Manier, Biology
  • Project: Characterizing the Role of the Gene Ecdysone Induced Protein 74EF in the Length of the Seminal Receptacle of the Female D. malanogaster

Yeshwant Chillakuru, Biology, Economics

  • Faculty Mentor: Sally A. Moody, Anatomy and Regenerative Biology
  • Project: Assessing defects in ear and kidney development caused by mutations in the Six1 gene

Alexis Clark, Archaeology

  • Faculty Mentors: Jeffrey Blomster, Anthropology
  • Project: The Color of Influence: Style and Interaction in Postclassic Oaxaea

Susanna Israelsson, Biological Anthropology, French

  • Faculty Mentor: Sergio Almécija, Biological Anthropology
  • Project: An Analysis of Sexual Dimorphism in Extant and Extinct Hominoids through Pelvis Bone Morphology

Rachel Kahn, Human Services and Social Justice

  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel E. Martínez, Sociology
  • Project: Barriers to Higher Education in San Isidro, Arequipa, Peru

Yujing Ke, Mathematics, Statistics

  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel Ullman, Mathematics
  • Project: Algorithms for Redistricting

Claudia Lamy, Fine Arts

  • Faculty Mentor: Douglas Boyce, Music
  • Project: JeJu LOVELAND Soundscape Social Science and Humanities Experiment

Sigmund Lilian, Biology

  • Faculty Mentor: Kenna D Peusner, Anatomy and Regenerative Biology
  • Project: Changes in the Vestibular System in Congenital Disorders

Julia Magliozzo, Chemistry, Environmental Science

  • Faculty Mentor: Adelina Voutchkova-Kostal, Chemistry
  • Project: Predictive tools for bioconcentration factor based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopic data

Isvita Marfatia, Biological Sciences

  • Faculty Mentor: Mollie K. Manier, Biology
  • Project: Understanding the Effect of Cryptic Female Choice on Copulatory Behavior, Sperm Ejection Timing and Sperm Storage

Brianna Nobles, Sociocultural Anthropology, American Studies

  • Faculty Mentor: Melani McAllister, American Studies
  • Project: Keeping Up With the Appropriation

Sunny Patel, Religious Studies, Economics

  • Faculty Mentor: Paul Duff, Religion
  • Project: Sacred Intentions

Abigail Pepin, Environmental Studies

  • Faculty Mentor: Cynthia Dowd, Chemistry
  • Project: Enzyme Kinetics: Development of Novel Compounds for the Inhibition of the Proteasome Complex in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

David Plotnick, Biophysics

  • Faculty Mentor: Peter Nemes, Chemistry
  • Project: Metabolite Measurement in Single Cells using capillary-micro sampling and single-cell CE-ESI-MS

Brandon Ritchie, Biology

  • Faculty Mentor: Colin Young, Pharmacology, Physiology
  • Project: The Role of Hypothalmic ER Stress in Transcription Factor Activation and Obesity

Linda Ryan, Dance

  • Faculty Mentor: Maida Withers, Theatre and Dance
  • Project: Posture as Performance Art: the Role of Persona in Louis XIV's Pursuit and Maintenance of Power

Paul Scotti, Psychology

  • Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shomstein, Psychology
  • Project: The Effects of Real-World Objects on Attentional Selection

Fahim-Faraaz Syed, Chemistry

  • Faculty Mentor: Michael King, Chemistry
  • Project: Synthesis of potential anti-malarial agents: 4-iodo-isohistidine and 4-iodoisohistamine

Kathryn White, History, Archaeology

  • Faculty: Denver Brunsman, History
  • Project: George Washington and Commerce in 18th Century Alexandria through the Lens of Historical Archaeology

Kara Zielinksi, Biophysics

  • Faculty: Mark Reeves, Physics
  • Project: Expression of Amyloids in Secretory Granules of Insect Cells