2015 - 2016 Undergraduate Research Fellows Announced

Undergraduate researchers at Research Day 2015
April 09, 2015

CUFR is proud to announce the 2015-2016 winners!

The Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the GW Undergraduate Research Award and the Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Sponsored by the Office of Teaching and Learning, and the Office of the Vice President for Research, the GW Undergraduate Research Award gives promising undergraduates the opportunity to engage in well-defined research projects under the guidance of a faculty member in their chosen field of study.  

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowships are part of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences's comprehensive undergraduate initiative to promote discovery- and inquiry-based education throughout the undergraduate experience at GW.

Both research fellowship programs are exciting ways for students to receive financial support for research projects that enrich their undergraduate experience. Students who are interested in applying for the Undergraduate Research Award and Luther Rice Fellowship in the fall of 2015 for the following academic year should contact the Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research at [email protected].

Undergraduate Research Award:
Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship:

GW Undergraduate Research Awardees:

Emily Alexander, Psychology
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carol Sigelman
  • Project: Raising the Bar: Normalization of Heavy Drinking Behaviors in College Students
Erica Block, Biology
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Lill, Biology
  • Project: Effect of Nutrition and Age on Aggression of Epargyreus clarus caterpillars
Yeshwant Chillakuru, Biology & Economics
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sally Moody
  • Project: Identifying the Functional Consequences of Six1 Mutations in Ear Development
  • Faculty Mentor: Beda Brichacek; Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine
  • Project: Nef-mimicking peptides as a Therapeutic Approach to the Treatment of Tangier Disease
Evan DeFrancesco, Classical Studies
  • Faculty Mentor: Diane Harris-Cline, History & Classical Studies
  • Project: The Aryan Akropolis: The Nazi Appropriation of the Parthenon
Celia Greene, International Affairs
  • Faculty Mentors: Natasha Stevanovic-Fenn, International Affairs
  • Project: The Science of Spirits: Spiritist Practices among Brazilian Transnational Migrants
Chance Losee, History and International Affairs
  • Faculty Mentor: Hope Harrison, History & International Affairs
  • Project: Symbols of Soviet Power: the Soviet War Memorials in Berlin
Harry Rosenberg, Philosophy and Classical Studies
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Saidel, Philosophy
  • Project: The Phenomenology of Rational Inference
Michael Scanlon, Biology & Psychology
  • Faculty Mentor: Lawrence Rothblat, Psychology
  • Project: Cognitive and Social Disabilities and 22q11DS Mouse Model of ASD
Bjoern Cheng Yi, Computer Science
  • Faculty Mentor: Evan Drumwright, Computer Science
  • Project: Finding Contacts between Rigid Bodies
Hannah Yi, Chemistry
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Adelina Voutchkova, Chemistry
  • Project: Development of Catalysts for the Degradation of Persistent Organic Contaminants in Wastewater


Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Reem Al Shabeeb, Biology 
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mollie K. Mallier, Biology
  • Project: Characterizing candidate genes for giant sperm in Drosophila melanogaster
Katherine Aliotta, Chemistry and Political Science
  • Faculty Mentors: Dr. John Hawdon and Dr. Cynthia Dowd; Departments of Microbilogy, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine; and Chemistry
  • Project: Fractionation and chemical identification of anthelmintic activity in extracts of the bitter melon Momordica charantia
Dara Baker, Computational Biology
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sidney Fu, Department of Experimental Medicine
  • Project: School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Experimental Medicine
Andrée Beals, Communication and Dance
  • Faculty Mentors: Maida Withers, Theater and Dance
  • Project: Rite of Spring Riots: Creation of and Reactions to Dance Performances of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps in 1913 and 2013
Emily Bragg, Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Guangying Wu, Psychology
  • Project: Impact of Early Social Interaction and Aging on Mouse Vocalization
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexandros Tzatsos, Anatomy and Regenerative Biology
  • Project: Genome Editing of Human Pancreatic Cancer using CRISPR/Cas9 Technology
Audrey Anna Elliott, Religion and English
  • Faculty Mentors: Paul Duff, Religion
  • Project: Liberal Quakerism as a Religious Alternative
Jonathon Fields, Fine Art Photography
  • Faculty Mentor: Claudia Smigrod, Photography
  • Project: Kamra-e-faoree
Richard Fisher, Chemistry
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Dowd, Chemistry
  • Project: Synthesis of Proteasome Inhibitors Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Faculty Mentor: Huynh-Nhu (Mimi) Le, Psychology
  • Project: Postpartum OCD: Perspectives from mothers, health professionals, and policy makers
Allie Geoca, Chemistry
  • Faculty Mentor: J Houton Miller, Chemistry
  • Project: Lightfield Imaging of Flame Luminosity With Application To Black Carbon Emission From Combustion
Sydney Goldstein, Environmental Studies and Dance
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Keely
  • Project: Municipal Green Building: Development and Design Across the United States
Jacob Maibach, Math and Physics
  • Faculty Mentor: Joseph Bonin, Math
  • Project: Bounds Testing on Transversal Matroid Extensions
Esha Mehta, Undeclared
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gregory Wallace, Speech and Hearing
  • Project: Determining Longitudinal Cortical Thinning in Autism Spectrum Disorder verses Traditionally Developing Adolescents
Jennifer Nichols, Psychology
  • Faculty Mentor: Tara Behrend, Organizational Sciences and Communication
  • Project: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Variables in Internship Satisfaction
Kimberly Preminger, Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Faculty Mentor: James Mahsie, Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Project: Sentence Stress Production in Children
  • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Donaldson, Biology
  • Project: Enzyme Kinetics: Mitigating Oxidative Stress from Reactive Oxygen Species via Peroxisome Replication and Enzyme Cross-Linking
Rachel Smillian-Goldstein,  Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Faculty Mentor: Kim Gross, Media and Public Affairs
  • Project: Framing the feminist movement, 1960-2014
Ryan Tom, Criminal Justice
  • Faculty Mentor: Daniel DeWispelare, English
  • Project: The Effects of Eighteenth-Century English Literature on Crime Policy, Penal Policy, and the Justice System
Sara Wagner, Geology and Chemistry
  • Faculty Mentor: Richard Tollo
  • Project: Geothermometry of two-pyroxene and zircon-bearing mineral assemblages, Blue Ridge Province, Virginia: An investigation of the origin of charnockite and its role in the thermal evolution of a Precambrian mountain belt
  • Faculty Mentor: Randall Packer, Biology 
  • Project: Genetic Responses to Changes in Environmental Conditions in the Gill Tissue of the Fathead Minnow
Hanchun (Rowland) Zhang, Economics and International Affairs
  • Faculty: Donald O. Parsons, Economics
  • Project: The Future of Money: Millennials and Bitcoins