GW Undergraduate Research Award

(Formerly the George Gamow and Provost/OVPR Undergraduate Research Fellowships)

The GW Undergraduate Research Award gives promising undergraduates the opportunity to engage in a well-defined research project under the guidance of a faculty member in their chosen fields of study.  Research experiences not only provide challenges and depth to students' education, but they also strengthen their applications for nationally competitive fellowships and for graduate and professional schools.

All research projects must be undertaken with ongoing input and direction from the faculty mentor. It is expected that the student and mentor will discuss their expectations regarding the time commitments of both parties, scope of research, and anticipated results (e.g., papers, presentations, performances, etc.) and arrive at a mutually agreeable understanding.


Student applicants must be full-time undergraduate students at GW. Note: Recipients must be enrolled at GW throughout the tenure of the award. Full- or part-time faculty can serve as faculty mentors. Note: Faculty mentors must be associated with GW during the tenure of the award.


GW undergraduate research fellowships provide an award of $5,000 meant to support the student’s research-related expenditures, which may include living expenses, travel, materials, and equipment.

Faculty mentors receive a stipend of $1,000. Faculty can opt to take this money as supplemental salary or ask that the funds be transferred to a departmental account (e.g., supporting travel, equipment, supplies, etc.).

Award Period

The project may begin during the summer and must be concluded during the spring semester of the following year. Please note: A portion of the funds may be available by June 1, 2016; the remaining funds will be disbursed after July 1, 2016.


A complete application consists of a) a Student Application Form and b) a Faculty Mentor Form. By submitting their applications, students thereby allow selection committees to review their academic transcripts.  Download the following forms.  By completing the following forms, CCAS students will also automatically be considered for the Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program.

Student Application Form

Faculty Mentor Form


There are two deadlines for submission: 
Wednesday, December 2, 2015.
Tuesday, March 1, 2016. 

Applications should be submitted via email at

Note: Students who apply in December and are not selected for funding may revise and resubmit their proposals in March.

Award requirement

All award recipients are required to submit timely progress reports on their research, to present results of their project at Research Days, and to provide summaries of their research to publicize their undergraduate research activity.

Please note that students may not receive more than one research fellowship award for the same project, nor may they receive awards for different projects during the same award year.


Don't Wait!

Be sure to complete the Human Subject Research Determination Worksheet when you start applying for funding.